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Wilder Plumbing & Heating was involved with a major remodeling project at our Victorian home a few years ago. The project included a complete replacement of our old steam heating system, the addition of 3 new bathrooms, and a relocation of our laundry facilities. We are very pleased with the results! The Wilder Plumbing team worked with us to design a new hot water heating system that retained the character of our old house by converting our old cast iron radiators for use with our new, zoned hot water system. They installed radiant heat in a new section of the house. Our new heating system is much more efficient than the old system and better still, much more comfortable.

The project included replacing every sink and bathroom fixture in the house. We were able to work with the Wilder team to choose all our new fixtures, place them in some very challenging spots throughout the house, and stay within our tight budget. We were also able to repair and restore an antique sink and vanity to use thanks to the skillful help of a Wilder employee.

The size and scope of our project required a lot of flexibility and coordination with other subcontractors on the job. Complicated projects like ours can be very challenging for all the involved parties. The Wilder Plumbing & heating team was of great assistance to us and they were the most capable team we worked with in terms of maintaining the communications between all the necessary parties and suppliers.

We were successful in maintaining the historic charm of our old house and are pleased with the efficiency of the new systems. We highly recommend Wilder Plumbing & Heating to anyone contemplating a remodel or new construction project.

Dan and Roberta LaPlante

Hancock, NH

I have used Wilder Plumbing and Heating several times at my home for various repairs and installations including a new oil fired hot water heater. I have always been satisfied with Wilder's work. My most recent contract with Wilder's included installation of 5 new lavatory and tub/shower faucets in our 3 bathrooms. The work was done professionally and most importantly, on time. While at the house, I had a left a note to "take a look" at a possible frozen pipe in the upstairs guest bathroom, and take the necessary steps to rectify the problem. I received a call in my office from Mike informing me that, "Yes, there was a leak" and that it would require tearing out a portion of the downstairs ceiling to repair the problem. I gave the go ahead to complete the job. Driving home I envisioned a worst case scenario of the entire ceiling being in shambles, and the furniture covered in Sheetrock dust. I was extremely pleased to walk in and find that not only was there just a small hole in the ceiling to access the leak, but the entire mess had been cleaned up and the workers had taken the time to move all the furniture out of the way to a far corner of the room, but they had even rolled up the carpet. The 5 new faucets all looked great and all three bathrooms were left in a neat and clean condition.

I would highly recommend Wilder Plumbing and Heating to any of my friends or business associates.

Brad Geer

Peterborough, NH

Wilder Plumbing has been the Historical Society's plumber since 2001 when the Society underwent a major renovation of our main building in downtown Peterborough. The 2001 renovation included installing a new forced hot water heating system in our north wing as well as a new kitchen and two bathrooms. The building, built in 1917, is masonry with interior walls and floors made of brick and concrete. Built to last, the Historical Society is a difficult building to update and renovate. The company did an exemplary job during our renovation and other projects since 2001. I have found Jeff Wilder and his crew to be responsive and professional despite the difficulties of updating an historic building that was built like a bunker!

Michelle Stahl, Executive Director

Peterborough Historical Society