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From the largest new construction project to the smallest bathroom remodeling job, we can handle all of your plumbing needs. See our Projects page for some examples.

New Plumbing installations

We take pride in the attention to detail in our new plumbing installations. Our new systems use Uponor "Aquapex" cross-linked polyethylene tubing. Domestic water is piped in what is called a "home run system" where an individual line is run from a manifold to each fixture in the house. This provides the user with a system of constant, even water pressure and utilizes a material which is nearly indestructible and extremely clean. Unlike metal alternatives Aquapex is immune to corrosion and mineral buildup.

We take the extra time to be sure that you plumbing is "roughed in" to the standards of the fixtures that you will be using. This is important so that when it comes time for your fixtures to be installed everything lines up and looks good.

Plumbing Fixtures

Whether you are trying to replace that antique faucet or trying to choose the perfect vessel sink for your modern bathroom we can help you with fixture selection for your project.

We offer competitive pricing on fixtures and faucets. When you buy it from us you're sure to get all of the correct parts and products for your needs, not the "made for the home center" version of the product.

We can provide you with personalized service through our partner showroom if you would like a "hands on approach" to choosing plumbing fixtures. See The Ultimate Bath Showroom for more details.

Service Call

Plumbing Repairs and Service

We can provide anything from re-piping jobs, upgrades and major repairs, to fixing that annoying drippy faucet or running toilet.

We offer 24 hour service for our customers.

Call (603) 924-2299 to schedule a service call.

Water Heaters

We offer many options for heating your hot water.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are the most common water heater and are a reasonable option if installation cost is an issue. They are a good choice for homes with a relatively small hot water demand because they are more costly to operate due to the cost of electricity. Electric heaters come in many sizes from 2-120+ gallons with a forty gallon tank being the most common. Water in the tank is heated by electric elements that are submerged in the water in the tank.

Gas-Fired "Tank Type" Water Heaters

There are two types of tank type gas water heaters. The first is a natural draft vented tank with a standing pilot. In this system water is heated in a tank by a gas burner. The burner is ignited by a gas pilot and the tank vents into a chimney. The second option is a direct vented tank with electronic ignition. The gas burner is ignited by an electronic ignition devise and the tank is vented directly through the outside wall of the building. The electronic ignition, direct vented heater is more efficient and has a higher recovery rate but also has a higher installation cost. We install both types of gas fired heaters.

On-Demand Gas-Fired Water Heaters

On-demand water heaters are essentially what the name implies. Water is heated by a gas burner that only fires when there is an actual hot water demand and modulates to fire only at a rate to keep up with that demand. This system is quickly becoming a very popular and smart choice for heating hot water. Systems can be sized for residential and commercial applications and offer the user a very efficient and cost effective way to heat hot water.

Oil-Fired Water Heaters

Oil-fired water heaters are also tank type heaters in which water is heated in a tank by an oil burner. Oil-fired water heaters have very high recovery rates and are relatively efficient due to the efficiency of the oil burner. The down side is their rather high purchase price. They normally have a shorter "life span" than most other tank type heaters.

Indirect-Fired Hot Water Tanks

Indirect-fired hot water tanks are used in conjunction with a hot water boiler and are the best choice if an efficient oil fired hot water boiler is already in place or if a new boiler is being installed. They offer very quick recovery and very low standby heat loss. The boiler needs to run only when there is a call for hot water. Once the tank is heated to temperature the insulation around the exterior of the tank keeps the heat in the tank and the water warm for hours. "Standby heat loss" in most tanks is less than 1 degree per hour. Indirect-fired tanks come in sizes ranging from 20-120 gallons.

They can also be added to existing oil fired boilers to replace an existing tankless coil and provide substantially more hot water more efficiently.

Water Pump & Water Tank Installation, Replacement and Repair

We design properly sized new systems for your water needs. No water? We can help. We can diagnose your problem and get your water running again. We are licensed pump installers in the State of NH.

  • Submersible Well Pumps
  • Shallow Well Jet Pumps
  • Constant Pressure Systems
  • Pressure Tanks

Water Treatment

We install service and maintain treatment systems based on an analysis of your water.

  • Softeners
  • Radon Systems
  • Acid Neutralizers
  • Arsenic Removal


We highly recommend the following products and have strong relationships with the distributors of these products for support.