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Featured Projects

Custom Lake House

Lake House

Although mostly a seasonal home for the owners, our design-build mechanical systems at this lake house included the best of everything for all four seasons.

A Viesmann Vitodens propane fired, high efficiency, condensing, modulating, wall hung, hot water boiler almost silently provides hot water for the 8 zone radiant heating system. The high tech integrated control system uses an outdoor reset control to adjust the water temperature in the system according to the outdoor air temperature. It also has a modulating gas valve to fire the boiler at only the rate that is needed. This boiler also powers a 120 gallon indirect fired stainless steel hot water tank that provides hot water to the homes 5-1/2 baths.

The Wirsbo radiant system includes tubing installed in the slab on the lower level and attached to the bottom of the sub floor on the upper two floors using Wirsbo Joist Trak extruded aluminum heat transfer plates.

The cooling system features four Unico High Velocity mini duct systems and four individual cooling zones. The Unico air handler in the great room area also has a hot water coil to supplement the radiant heating in this area. The small round mini duct outlets are more esthetically pleasing than a conventionally ducted system using large rectangular air registers. Energy recovery ventilators were also integrated into the air delivery systems to provide the necessary fresh air to the building.

The control system featured "almost invisible" remote sensors in the living areas instead of big bulky thermostats. Each sensor wired back to set point controls in the mechanical room.

The plumbing featured Dornbracht, Kohler and Grohe fixtures, glass and soapstone sinks and custom showers.

This home was featured in the January 2006 issue of New Hampshire Magazine.

Geothermal in a Hilltop Log House

Geothermal Log House

This log home features over 17,000 square feet of heated and cooled space using the most advanced, mechanical equipment and methods available. It was a challenge and a very unique opportunity to design and build the mechanical systems for such a unique home.

The entire house is heated and cooled using five - six ton water to water ground source heat pumps. The geothermal heat pumps are connected to ten 375ft. bore holes which sit about 75feet from the building.

The entire home is heated with a low temperature radiant heating system using radiant tubing in the slab on the lower level and garage and Rahau, "Raupanel" floor heating panels installed on top of the sub-floor on the main and upper levels. The heating system is divided into 20 separate heating zones.

The heated or cooled water is stored and pumped from both a chilled water buffer tank and a hydronic water buffer tank using Grundfos Versaflow variable speed circulators which pump only the required g.p.m. required at the time. These hydronic heating and cooling system pumps operate using much less electrical power to operate than conventional pumps.

Cooling is done with Unico air handlers with chilled water coils. The Unico system was a perfect choice as space for ductwork was very limited. The cooling system was divided into 14 cooling zones. The Unico systems featured advanced control boards and Arzel zoning systems. The Unico outlets were also modified to blend in with the log walls and hickory flooring.

Steam humidifiers were tied into the duct systems in each of the Unico air handlers. A dehumidifier was used in conjunction with the Unico system on the lower level for humidity control on this level when cooling was not needed.

Domestic water heating also takes advantage of the geothermal system using an indirect fired tank in line with an electric hot water tank.

The control systems features a "state of the art" Tekmar TN4 system that both monitors the operation of all systems and gives complete remote access to all of the homes heating and cooling zones via a web browser.

Grundfos variable speed constant pressure well pumps are installed in each of the homes two water wells. The two wells were drilled to a depth of almost 1,000 ft. each.

Water is piped to each of the homes 8-1/2 baths using Uponor "Aquapex tubing" and Uponor valved manifolds to provide equal pressure to all fixtures and to have individual shutoff valves for servicing when needed. The master bath features a custom tile shower and drop in whirlpool set in a deck of tile faced with stone.

Winnipesaukee Rebuild (Work in Progress)

This new home of approximately 8,000 sq.ft. sits on the shoreline of Lake Winnipesaukee. The existing two story home was recently demolished.

After the foundation was complete Crete Heat radiant heating insulation was installed. This product provides the necessary insulation under the tubing and has a built in grid for the tubing to snap into and hold it in place. The radiant tubing was installed and then the lower level floor was poured on top of the tubing.

This installation will feature a Viessmann Vitodens propane fired boiler and radiant heating throughout.